An anniversary gift makes a party feel like a celebration

Anniversaries are the highlights of life, during which remembering leaves a warm feeling for the recipient for a long time – because a party is often a celebration only shared with other people. Whether it's a birthday gift, wedding gift, wedding anniversary gift, anniversary gift, parental leave gift, retirement gift, housewarming gift, graduation gift, maternity leave gift or a gift to congratulate the birth of a new child, remembering on an anniversary is a small gesture with a big impact.


Remembering on the anniversary strengthens relationships in both personal life and work life

An anniversary gift is traditionally a way for loved ones to show their affection and congratulate them on their achievements. Gesture strengthens human relationships, because actions speak a strong language when it comes to taking care of loved ones. However, anniversary gifts also have an important place in working life when remembering both employees and partners, because healthy relationships in working life are created through concrete actions.

An employer who remembers their employees with a gift at important moments in life shows that he values their employees as individuals. An attentive employer creates for the employee the feeling that they are also seen in the work community as an individual and as an important member of the community, which also directly affects work commitment. An employer who remembers at other times than when an employee completes a ten-year career in the company, probably also gets to congratulate those who have had a long career in the company more often.


How to choose a suitable anniversary gift?

Often, purchasing an anniversary gift in itself is not difficult, but choosing a gift is. Even the wishes and needs of loved ones are not always completely predictable by the gift giver, and asking often reduces the element of surprise, which is part of the fun in remembering. Naturally, the employer cannot know the preferences of all their employees either. How to choose a gift that is individual and suitable for both the recipient and the theme of the anniversary € if you don't know exactly what the recipient would like?

A gift card with a wide enough selection is often the most appropriate option. A self-selected gift truly makes you happy, because the gift is sure to look like its recipient. At the same time, the selection of the gift card itself is a surprise for the recipient, and not predictable.


With a Delicard® gift card, you can remember individually regardless of preferences

The Delicard® gift card was created for individual gift wishes, and offers a very versatile selection of high-quality, responsible products for many different uses. Individuals and companies can order a gift card for different needs.

Home decorators, home cooks, gourmets, picky eaters, outdoor enthusiasts, garden enthusiasts, crafters, appreciators of jewelry, design, and everyday luxury can find a suitable gift in Delicard's selection, as well as those who prefer intangible gifts, such as a membership to a training program, a streaming service, or a donation to charity. Delicard® is also suitable as a tax-free gift for employees under certain conditions.

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In what situations can an employer give a tax-free anniversary gift?

Delicard® is also suitable for employers as a tax-free gift, as it basically meets the Tax Administration's definitions for a tax-free gift. The gift given on the anniversary must be chosen by the employer and limited to a specific item, service or individualized gift card. Other gifts that can be chosen freely are payments comparable to money, i.e. the employee's salary, which does not meet the requirements for tax exemption.

1. A tax-free gift for an employee's anniversary

When the employer remembers the employee on their personal anniversary, the tax-free conditions are met in the case of:

  • Employee's birthday
  • Employee's wedding day
  • Anniversary of long-term service (10 years or more)
  • Retirement

The reasonable value of a tax-free gift given on an employee's anniversary is determined to be the amount corresponding to this 1-2 weeks' gross salary. If the employer has an established anniversary gift policy, the value of the gift cannot vary between employees.

2. A tax-free gift from the employer, i.e. the company's anniversary

The Tax Administration determines that anniversaries of the employer that meet the requirements for a tax-free gift are anniversaries related to the company's age. This means that, for example, the completion of a work project is not counted as an employer anniversary.

The value of the gift is also affected by whether the gift was given, for example, in honor of the company's tenth or hundredth anniversary. The value of the gift given in honor of the employer's anniversary must be the same for the entire staff and it must also meet the other requirements for the tax exemption for staff gifts. Read more about tax-free gifts.

A gift for every anniversary

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