Want to know more about Delicard® gift cards?

Delicard® is a gift card that complements Edenred's product family. It is an elegant way to thank, remember and reward employees, customers and partners. On this page you can find more information about Delicard® gift cards, so keep on reading!


A gift card for every occasion

Our stylish selection of gift cards ensures that you will find the right gift for every occasion, big or small. You can order the cards to be delivered either as printed cards or in electronic form. They are delivered all over Finland, and Delicard® Nordic Design can also be sent abroad.

You can customize the gift cards with, for example, a logo and a greeting text, so that each company can show its appreciation in their own way.


Self-selected products fulfill every gift wish

Successful gift purchase is guaranteed as each recipient chooses their own gift from our high-quality and responsible selection. Whether the recipient is an avid decorator, a green thumb, or enjoys cooking or experiences, our versatile prodyct selection guarantees a successful gift for everyone.

Our selection also includes numerous intangible gift service providers* (e.g. Finnkino, Ruutu, FitFarm, Spotify, BookBeat) that offer luxury for everyday life. There is also a choice to make a donation to a changing charity target!

*Please note that the gift card entitles to choose only one gift from the 'Moments & Experiences' category. The rest of the gifts must be redeemed as other products.


Effortless delivery directly to gift recipients

The price of the service naturally includes the delivery of gifts. activation codes for intangible gifts are delivered by email and other products by DHL to the address indicated by the recipient.

Our partner DHL offers versatile delivery options through its 'On Demand Delivery' service; choosing the delivery date and place, using a pick-up point (excl. food products), editing the address or taking vacations into account. Our cooperation ensures a hassle-free and safe gift delivery for you. And what's best, all gift deliveries are CO2 compensated!

Delicard® guarantees high-quality gifts

Seamless processes and reliable partners

Seamless cooperation with our partners guarantees a high-quality product delivery process. This includes their storage, packaging, handling and transport – not forgetting the cold chain of food products.

Carefully selected partners guarantee a high-quality and responsible product selection. In addition, our cooperation with Hansaprint (gift card printing), Havi Logistics (storage and packaging) and DHL (transportation) enables a successful service experience. This is how we can offer a quality guarantee for all of our products.


Delivery of products

Our guarantee is that the gifts will be delivered to addresses in Finland within 48 hours. This is also the maximum time it may take for the food product to move from our warehouse to the recipient of the gift. The food products are delivered in accordance with high quality standards, which is why we unfortunately cannot deliver them to the northernmost part of Finland due to the delivery time. To ensure shelf life, food products cannot be ordered at pick-up points either.

Cold-packed food products are sent frozen and respecting the cold chain. They purposely begin to melt during transport and are delivered chilled so they are ready to be served quickly. When received, food products must be handled in the same way as fresh products and according to the instructions found on the packaging.

We require all products to be processed according to the manufacturer's instructions. Any complaints about food products must be made no later than 3 days after the expiration date indicated on the packaging.


Check out the shelf life information and descriptions of the food products