Redeeming gift cards

  • Delicard’s contact information

    Elimäenkatu 15, 00510 Helsinki
    Cards orders: phone (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf)
    Redeeming gift cards: phone (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf)
    Customer Service on business days: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
    Note that the delivery of goods and items is via post only. There is not a separate pick up point.
  • How to redeem the gift card?
    You can redeem your gift card in website. You need to insert the redeem code from the gift card when redeeming the gift. You can view the product selection and choose the gift(s) you like. When you have chosen the product(s) you need to enter your contact information and delivery date. Once you have succesfully completed the order you will get a confirmation to your email. Please keep your redeem code safe until you have received your gift delivery.

    Please note that the product range might change during the season. 
  • When is the right time to order the gift?
    You can make the gift order whenever it is convenient for you. Insert the desired delivery date to the order (Wednesday, Thursday or Friday), and we will deliver your order then. When you make the redemption, you can view the possible delivery dates. We recommend that the delivery for delicacies is max two days before the planned serving date.

    Note, that there might be exceptional delivery times during bank holidays and christmas. 
  • Can I choose multiple similar products?
    You can choose your products freely. If you have a card for two or more products, you can choose same products or different products.
  • I can choose three products with my card. Can I get the delivery on different dates?
    There is only one delivery according to each card number. So, all the products will be delivered on same date.
  • Can I redeem the gift by phone?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders on phone. You can make a gift order on our web site.
  • How long is the gift card valid?
    Delicard® gift cards have the expiration date marked in the gift cards, please redeem your gift before that date. 
  • Can I redeem the gift card after the expiration date?
    Delicard® gift cards have the expiration date marked in the gift cards, please redeem your gift before that date. 
  • How is the gift delivered to me?
    All the products are delivered by DHL. 
    DHL will send an email and text message to you once they have picked up the package. Please reply to the message and choose the delivery time from the possible times they have for you.

    Please, be ready to receive the delivery at the agreed time. You can trach your order with the code you get from DHL.  

    Note! Delicacies must be received at the agreed delivery time, to ensure the shelf life. 
  • What is the delivery time when redeeming a gift?
    You can view the possible delivery dates when redeeming your gift. Note, that the delivery times may be longer during public holidays e.g. during christmas time. 
  • Should I give the gift card to the carrier when I receive the packet?
    No, the delivery man does not need the gift card. However, it is good to keep the gift card number until you have received your gift. 

  • Why have I not received a confirmation from my order?
    If you have not received a confirmation, make sure to check your junk mail. Also it might be that you have given a wrong email address or left out your email when redeeming the gift. If the redemption has not been succcesfully completed you will not receive a confirmation email. 

  • Where can I get my gift if I am not at home at the delivery time?
    We recommend you to be at home at the given delivery time. If the carrier is not able to reach the gift recipient, DHL will contact the gift recipient to agreed a new delivery time. Note, that the delicacies must be received on the selected delivery date to ensure the shelf life. 

  • Can I track my order?
    You can track a shipment en route with a shipment ID sent by DHL.
  • Can I pick up the gift from somewhere?
    All the gifts are sent to your chosen address. There is no pick-up point. 
  • How are the delicacies delivered?
    All the meat and fish products leave us mainly frozen. The products are packed in cold insulating material with a cold element. During the trip, the products start to melt, so they don’t arrive icy. Handle the products as fresh products and store them in the refrigerator (+2 - +6 C). More detailed shelf life can be found on our website.

  • Where can I find information about the shelf life of a delicacy product?
    Product-specific shelf life can be found here
    Please note that most of our meat and fish products leave us frozen and arrive as defrozen, and should be kept in refrigerator. Defrozen product must not be re-frozen.
  • Do the delicacies contain gluten or lactose etc.?
    When you view the product selection you can view the product information by clicking the product picture. We recommend you to check the manufacturer's website for more detailed product information. 
  • What does Delicard's quality guarantee cover?
    Delicard's quality guarantee covers delicacies as well as other gift products and transportation. We guarantee that the delicacies stay cool during the transport. We require that the delicacies have been stored in accordance with the instructions on the package and that a notice of the delicacies is made within three days of the last stated date of use. The warranty period for kitchen utensils is two years from the date of delivery. For gift items, we require handling in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. A notice about a kitchen product must be made within two years of the date of delivery of the product.
    If the product has not met your expectations, please let us know by e-mail or call (09) 7594 2848.
  • How can the packaging materials be recycled?
    We pack the products carefully to preserve the cold chain and / or breakdown of the products. Please support the environment with us and recycle materials correctly.
    Cardboard boxes can be placed among recycled cardboard. The silver filling in the packaging is polyurethane foam and can be used as a filling again. The foam does not contain climate-harmful CFCs, HCFCs or heavy metals. Dispose of the filling material for energy waste collection. The ice gel can be reused as a cooler. According to the manufacturer, the gel in the packaging is environmentally friendly and decomposes into nature, the plastic shell is discarded for plastic collection.
    Product-specific recycling instructions can be found in the product packaging or on the manufacturer's website.
  • Donation to the charity
    At the redemption stage, the gift recipient can choose to donate to charity instead of a treat or a product. In this case, the value of the gift will be credited in full to the selected charity. 
    Note! If you choose to donate to the charity, please nevertheless provide all delivery information required for redemption to ensure the progress of the redemption process. You can ignore any delivery-related messages.

This is how Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender of the gift - quick and easy to order


Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal card selection.


Personalize your gift card

Add a personal greeting to the gift you have chosen.


Choose delivery method

You can choose mailing or eDelicard. Luxurious gift cards can be sent by post to one address or directly to the gift receivers.

To the receiver of the gift - choose your gift and enjoy


Choose the products you desire

Redeem your gift card from by entering the number of your gift card and selecting the products.


Choose delivery date and place

Enter the delivery date and address.


Enjoy the gift

Receive the expected package and enjoy your wonderful Delicard® gift.


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