Redeeming gift cards

  • I received a Delicard® gift card, how do I redeem my gift?
    Congratulations, you have received a Delicard® gift card!
    Here's how to redeem your gift:
    1. Go to the Delicard home page and open the Redeem page.
    2. Enter the voucher number found on your electronic or physical gift card in the "Voucher number" field.
    3. Choose from 1 to 3 products (depending on your employer's choice) from the product selection provided to you. The redemption page will tell you how many products you have to redeem. Note! All gifts from one gift card must be redeemed at once in the same delivery.
    4. In addition to the products you redeem for free, you can add additional products from the additional selection to your gift basket. 
    5. Enter your contact information and the delivery time and place that suits you. We will deliver your gift directly to the address or pick-up point you want!
    6. When the order is successfully placed, you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep your card and voucher number until you receive the gift delivery.
    7. Enjoy your gifts!
    Gift cards contain a limited selection of high quality products, which means that products may vary during the season depending on demand and availability.
    Please note that redemptions cannot be made over the phone.
  • I can choose more than one product with my gift card. Can I redeem the products separately?

    Unfortunately, you will have to redeem all your gifts together at the time, as there is only one redemption and delivery per gift card.
  • Can I choose more than one similar product?

    Yes, all products in the product selection of the gift card you receive are free to choose from.
    If you have a card for two or three products, you can choose either a different or similar products (depending on availability). All products you redeem will be delivered in the same delivery.
  • How is the gift delivered?

    When redeeming the gift, please indicate the desired method, place and time of delivery.
    You can choose to deliver the gift to the address you specify, for example straight to your home. In the case of non-food items, you can also choose a pick-up point as a delivery option.
    When selecting a pick-up point, enter your contact information and press "Search". The system shows pick-up points that are selectable and nearby (if your order includes food products, you cannot select a pick-up point to deliver the products to ensure shelf life). Next, select the order delivery date from the system and proceed to review the order summary. Confirm redemption.
    When the redemption is successful, you will receive a confirmation email. DHL will deliver your shipment at a time of your choice and you can track your shipment with a shipment ID sent by DHL.
    If the order is delivered to the address you specify, eg directly to your home, please receive the shipment at the agreed time and keep your card number until you have received the gift delivery. If the carrier does not reach the consignee, DHL will be contacted to arrange a new delivery time.
    Food products must be received on the selected delivery date to ensure shelf life. We recommend that they be delivered no more than 2 days before the scheduled serving time. You can see the shelf life of the products on the redemption and quality guarantee page.
    Note! Delivery dates may be different during the holidays.
  • Can I track my order?
    You can track your shipment route with a shipment ID sent by DHL.
  • How are food products stored and delivered to recipients?

    You can find product-specific shelf life information here and/or on the product packaging.
    Food products (except cheeses, tapas, Serrano ham and dry products) are sent frozen, meaning they start to melt during transport and are delivered cool. Molten product must not be re-frozen. Products should be handled fresh and stored cool and/or in accordance with the instructions on the package. Please notify us of any quality defects in food products within three days of the expiration date.
    Please note that we only deliver the specified product. Supplements and other accessories must be purchased separately.
  • Why haven't I received a delivery confirmation for my order?

    If you have not received a delivery confirmation for your redemption, it could be because the email address is incorrect or your server is blocking it, in which case the message may have been redirected to your spam.
    Have you checked to see if your redemption has been completed? Delivery confirmation cannot be sent without completing the redemption.
    In case of problems or questions, you can always contact our customer service.
  • How long is the gift card valid?

    The expiration date of your Delicard® gift card is stated on the gift card you receive, either printed on the physical card or in your eDelicard email. The redemption period varies depending on the gift card and the time of ordering, but is at least 3 months from ordering the card.
    Please redeem your gift before the expiration date, as it is not possible to redeem an expired card.
  • What is additional selection?
    Delicard®'s additional selection allows the gift card redeemer to order more of our selection of high-quality products. So if you are thinking between two products, you can buy another product in addition to redeeming it. You get your entire order conveniently with the same delivery!
    You can view the additional selection on the right side of the "Card selection" after entering your voucher number on the Redeem page and selecting 1-3 products to redeem with your gift card. You can choose from up to 3 products from the additional selection in addition to the products you have redeemed.
    Here's how to do it:
    1. You will find an additional selection on the Delicard® redemption page, where you can log in with the voucher number of your gift card.
    2. First, select 1-3 products to redeem with your gift card.
    3. Once you have selected the products, you will be able to view the additional selection on the right side of the "Card selection". The additional selection is chargeable and includes the same products as the gift card, you can redeem up to 3 products in addition to the products you redeemed.
    4. So if you are thinking between two products, in addition to redeeming, you can also buy another product and get them conveniently at the same time. You will see a summary of your order and access the payment stage via the gift basket.
    5. You can pay for additional products with a credit card, mobilepay or online bank.
  • What does Delicard's quality guarantee cover?
    Delicard's quality guarantee covers all products and their storage, handling, transport and cold chain.
    We closely monitor the handling, packaging and delivery of our products. If there is a delivery error or the product is delivered unsuitable for use, the recipient has the right to demand a replacement of the product. We require that the product has been treated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and that defective food be complained about no later than three days after the expiry date. If the defect is in a non-food product, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer's warranty procedure.
    Read more about the quality guarantee here ›
    If the product has not met your expectations, please let us know by filling out the contact form or contacting our customer service. We will contact you as soon as possible.
  • How are Delicard's packaging materials recycled?
    Thank you for being eco-friendly by recycling packaging materials properly!
    We pack the products carefully to preserve the cold chain and/or breakdown of the products. Some of the packaging materials are also suitable for home use.
    Cardboard boxes are recycled into recycled cardboard and the plastic shell into plastic collection. Silver packaging filling (polyurethane foam) is recycled as energy waste, but can also be reused. It does not contain climate-harmful CFCs, HCFCs or heavy metals. The packaging gel can also be reused.
    You can also find product-specific recycling instructions in the product packaging or on the manufacturer's website.

  • How does a donation to charity work?
    At the redemption stage, the gift recipient may choose to donate to a charity defined by Delicard instead of a gift of goods. The value of the gift will be credited in full to the selected charity.
    For example, a Delicard® gift card contains 2 products. A gift of goods is chosen as the other product to be redeemed and the second gift is redeemed as the charity donation. In this case, 50 % of the total value of the gift card will be donated to the selected charity. If there is 1 product to choose from and the gift is redeemed as a donation, the entire value of the card will be donated to charity.
    Note! If you choose to donate to charity, please still provide all delivery information required for redemption to ensure the progress of the redemption process. You can ignore any delivery-related messages.
    Delicard's charity of 2022 is "Aamu Childhood Cancer Foundation"
    The mission of the foundation is to provide children with cancer with the best care in the world as well as a healthy adulthood. The task will be carried out by allocating funds to research and development projects in the treatment of cancer in children.
    Morning creates hope, courage and joy of life. Read more at
    In 2021, Edenred and Delicard® customers made hobby dreams come true
    In 2021, Edenred and Delicard® customers raised a donation of 189 186 € to SOS Children's Village thanks to the redemptions of Delicard's charity gifts! Read more here >

  • How do I contact customer service?
    You can contact our customer service (from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm) on (09) 7594 2848 (lnf/mcf) or by email
    You can also fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

How Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender – quick and easy to order

Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal selection.

Personalize your ​card

Add a personal greeting or a company logo to the gift card.

Choose the delivery method

You can choose to send physical gift card or virtual eDelicard.

To the receiver – redeem your gift and enjoy

Choose the produ​cts you desire

Redeem your gift card by entering you voucher number and selecting the products.

Choose delivery date and ​place

Enter the desired delivery time and address, the gift will be delivered directly to you.

Enjoy your gift

Receive the awaited package and enjoy your Delicard® gift.


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