Delicard® is a gift card that makes it possible to reward employees tax-free. In this case, gift shopping is not only effortless, but also cost-effective. Take a look at the information package we have prepared, which is based on the guidelines for employee gifts of the Tax Administration.

If you give a gift to the entire staff:

1. The gift must be collective (i.e. the same for the entire staff)
Companies often remember their personnel collectively, e.g. with Christmas gifts or at joint events. When the same gift is given to all personnel as equal, the Tax Administration's requirement for the gift is to be collective .
2. The value of the gift must not exceed €100 per year.
The gift tax exemption is fulfilled if the value of the gifts given to the employee does not exceed the maximum limit of 100 euros during the calendar year.
3. The purpose of the gift must be limited
If a gift card is selected as a gift, this selection must be limited to certain products or services (cf. e.g. unidentifiable gift cards from department stores, which can be used to buy anything from the place in question). Once the selection of gift cards is limited, each employee can choose their gift freely.
4. The gift must be chosen by the employer
The employer must choose an object, service or personalized gift card as a gift (ie when the employer has chosen a product of a specific company). Please note that an object or service that can be chosen freely, or the opportunity for the employee to choose a gift from the options defined in advance by the employer, does not make the gift taxable. In addition, gifts given in the form of money or a performance comparable to money are comparable to the employee's salary, which does not meet the requirements for tax exemption.

If you give a gift on an employee's anniversary:

Employees are also often remembered on their personal anniversaries, for which tax-free conditions have also been defined. The Tax Administration determines that an employee's usual anniversaries are, for example, their 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th birthdays. Employee anniversaries also include a wedding anniversary, an anniversary based on long-term service (10 years or more) and retirement.
The reasonable value of a gift given on an employee's anniversary is determined to be the amount corresponding to this 1-2 weeks' gross salary. If the employer has an established anniversary gift policy, the value of the gift cannot vary between employees.
Also, the gift given on the anniversary must be chosen by the employer and limited to a specific object, service or individualized gift card. Other gifts that can be chosen freely are payments comparable to money, i.e. the employee's salary, which does not meet the requirements for tax exemption.

If you give a gift on your employer's, i.e. company's, anniversary:

The Tax Administration determines that anniversaries of the employer that meet the requirements for a tax-free gift are anniversaries related to the company's age. This means that, for example, the completion of a work project is not counted as an employer anniversary.
The value of a gift given to an employee in honor of the employer's anniversary cannot be as great as the gift the employee receives on his own anniversary. The value of the gift is also affected by whether the gift was given, for example, in honor of the company's tenth or hundredth anniversary. Also, the value of the gift given in honor of the employer's anniversary must be the same for the entire staff and it must also meet the other requirements for the tax exemption for staff gifts (see 'if you give a gift to the entire staff')

If you give a farewell gift or other:

Employers may want to remember their employees with gifts not only on anniversaries but also on other occasions. Among other gifts given by the employer, only the so-called minor other gifts are tax-free, if they are given - as usual - collectively to the entire staff.
The Tax Administration defines that small other gifts mainly mean small remembrances given to the entire staff at Christmas. Also, for example, a farewell gift can be a small other gift if the giving practice applies to the entire staff. In addition, it is determined that a small other gift received by an employee is tax-free if it is received in a form other than money or a comparable performance and the practice applies to the entire staff.
The value of a small gift can be no more than 100 euros. If the employer gives employees several 'small gifts' per year, the total value of these can be no more than 100 euros. The gift can be an object, service chosen by the employer, or an individualized and personal gift card that entitles you to choose a product or service from among several products or services (such as Delicard®).

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