Buying gift cards

  • How does the Delicard® gift cards work?
    Delicard® gift cards can be ordered directly online or by contacting our sales team at You can also submit an offer request here ›
    1. Check out the gift cards and product selections on the Order page.
    2. Select the gift card and choose to include a selection of 1, 2 or 3 products with it. This means that the gift recipient is free to choose from 1 to 3 products from the gift card's product range.
    3. Select the delivery method for the gift card (printed physical card or electronic eDelicard) and the delivery date. Choose whether you want the physical cards to be distributed to one address or sent to each recipient separately. Physical cards are provided with envelopes.
    4. You can also personalize the gift card.
    5. Log in or create a new customer ID and select the payment method.
    6. After finalizing and reviewing your order details, you are ready! Now you can just wait for the gift cards to arrive to their recipients and keep track of what the satisfied recipients are redeeming with their own gift cards.
    Once the gift recipient has received their own Delicard® gift card, they only need to enter the gift card voucher number on the Redeem page. After that, they choose 1-3 products from the product selection of the gift card ordered by the employer, pick the delivery time and place and wait for the delivery of their chosen gift!
  • How do I order Delicard® gift cards?
    You can order gift cards easily and quickly from the Order page or contact our Delicard® sales team by email at You can also contact us and request an offer via the contact form.
  • Is there a minimum order for the Delicard® gift cards?
    There is no minimum order for Delicard® gift cards, you can order as many gift cards as you need!
  • Is Delicard® a tax-free gift?
    Yes, Delicard® is a tax-free gift when ordering it to employees, as all Delicard® gift cards have a pre-limited selection in accordance with the instructions of the Tax Administration.
    In order to fulfill the tax exemption, an employer who is a taxable person in Finland must issue a similar Delicard® gift card to all personnel, and the total value of the gifts during a calendar year may not exceed 100 €.
  • Can Delicard® gift cards be personalized?
    Yes, you can personalize both physical and electronic Delicard® gift cards with, for example, a greeting text and your company logo.
    You can personalize the card yourself with the customization tool on our website and / or use the standard prints. The personalization is done on the gift card order pages by selecting the personalization of the gift cards in the "Customization" section. When using the customization tool, we recommend jpg files up to 2 MB in size.
    Please note that the maximum amount of text varies e.g. based on layout, logo, font and font size! In the personalization phase, you'll see a preview of your card so you can check and confirm it's ready to print before finalizing your order.
    If you want help personalizing your physical gift card, you can send the necessary materials to Please provide the necessary imagery and texts for personalization up to 4 MB large and printable JPG or PNG (transparent) files.
    The size of the personalized page of the physical gift card is 152 x 148 mm / 1713 x 1725 px
    Read more about gift card personalization here ›
  • Where does Delicard® deliver?
    We deliver Delicard® gift cards and gift shipments all over Finland! In addition, Delicard® Nordic Design gift card also operates in EU countries, the Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway.
    Gift items will be delivered to the recipient's chosen address or pick-up point via our partner DHL Express Delivery.
  • How are the Delicard® gift cards delivered and what are the delivery costs?
    At the ordering stage, you can choose whether the gift cards will be delivered directly to the recipients or first to you so that you can distribute them to the recipients yourself.
    Physical gift cards
    Physical Delicard® gift cards are intended to be mailed within two business days of placing your order (mail delivery is generally four business days). Please note that the delivery time of the Post may vary.
    We charge the following shipping costs for the delivery of physical Delicard® gift cards:
    Ordering of 1-5 printed Delicard gift card: 8 € + 24 % VAT, delivery as a 1 class letter.
    Ordering of 6 or more gift cards: 12 € + 24 % VAT, delivery as Express shipment from 8 am to 4 pm.
    Electronic gift card
    Electronic eDelicards will be sent to the recipient's email immediately after ordering or at a specified time. You can send the eDelicard directly to the recipient's email or, alternatively, to yourself and forward it to the recipient.
    Please note that the eDelicard can be redeemed with an voucher number found in the email. The code can only be redeemed once. So make sure you pass on a unique redemption code to each recipient.
    Delivery of eDelicards is completely free.
  • What does Delicard's quality guarantee cover?
    Delicard's quality guarantee covers all products and their storage, handling, transport and cold chain.
    We closely monitor the handling, packaging and delivery of our products. If there is a defect in the delivery or the product is delivered unsuitable for use, the recipient has the right to demand a replacement of the product. We require that the product has been treated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and that defective food be complained about no later than three days after the expiry date. If the defect is in a non-food product, the warranty is determined by the manufacturer's warranty procedure.
  • How long is the gift card valid?
    The expiration date of the Delicard® gift card is marked on each gift card. The redemption period varies depending on the gift card and the time of ordering, but is at least 3 months from ordering the card.
  • What payment methods does the Delicard® gift card accept?
    Payment is possible by credit card (Visa and MasterCard), online bank, MobilePay or invoice. After delivering the gift cards, we will send the invoice to the companies separately. Payment term: 14 days net.
  • Donation to the charity
    At the redemption stage, the gift recipient may choose to donate to a charity defined target by Delicard instead of a gift of goods. In this case, the value of the gift will be credited 100% in full to the selected charity.
    For example, a Delicard® gift card contains 2 products. A gift of goods is chosen as the second product to be redeemed and the second gift is redeemed as a charitable donation. In this case, 50 % of the total value of the gift card will be donated to the selected charity. If there is 1 product to choose from and the gift is redeemed as a donation, the entire value of the card will be donated to charity.
    Please note that the Delicard® Nordic Design gift card product selection does not include a charity item.
    Delicard's newest charity is "Aamu Childhood Cancer Foundation"
    The mission of the foundation is to provide children with cancer with the best care in the world as well as a healthy adulthood. The task will be carried out by allocating funds to research and development projects in the treatment of cancer in children.
    Morning creates hope, courage and joy of life. Read more at
    In 2021, Edenred and Delicard® customers made hobby dreams come true
    In 2021, Edenred and Delicard® customers raised a donation of 189 186 € to SOS Children's Village thanks to the redemptions of Delicard's charity gifts! Read more here >

How Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender – quick and easy to order

Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal selection.

Personalize your ​card

Add a personal greeting or a company logo to the gift card.

Choose the delivery method

You can choose to send physical gift card or virtual eDelicard.

To the receiver – redeem your gift and enjoy

Choose the produ​cts you desire

Redeem your gift card by entering you voucher number and selecting the products.

Choose delivery date and ​place

Enter the desired delivery time and address, the gift will be delivered directly to you.

Enjoy your gift

Receive the awaited package and enjoy your Delicard® gift.


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