Unique rewarding to the important people in your company


A Delicard® gift card is a stylish gift for every occasion. It is a high-quality, responsible, cost-effective and effortless way to remember your company's important people, employees, customers and partners. Gift shopping is sure to be successful, because each recipient chooses their gift themselves!

Order Delicard® gift cards easily online!

1. Click yourself  on the Order page and select a gift card and the number of gifts to be redeemed from the card (1-3 pcs).

2. Choose either an eDelicard® sent by email or a printed Delicard® gift card as the delivery method. You can also personalize gift cards with a logo and a greeting text.

3. Complete the order by filling in the contact and invoicing information and indicating where you want the gift cards to be sent.

4. The recipient redeems their gift card by entering the voucher number on the Redeem page and selecting the desired gifts, as well as the delivery time and address.

5. Our partner DHL delivers the selected products directly to the recipient and a successful gift purchase is complete!
Order gift cards

This is how Delicard® works

Order gift cards easily and quickly from the online store

Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card from our stylish selection.

Add a customization

Add a personal greeting or a company logo to the gift card.

Choose the delivery method

Choose a printed gift card or a virtual eDelicard®.

Redeem your desired gifts effortlesly online

Choose the produ​cts

Enter you voucher number and select your desired products from our versatile selection.

Choose delivery time and ​place

Enter the desired delivery time and address, the gift will be delivered directly to you.

Enjoy your gift

Receive the awaited package and enjoy your gorgeous Delicard® gift.


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