1. Personalization of the gift cards with readymade Delicard greetings and templates. Price is 1 € per card.
  2. Personalization of the gift cards with your company logo, image and/or greeting. Price is 1 € per card + 40 € startup fee.
  3. Company greeting on redemption page. When gift receiver redeems a gift card online at Delicard website, they will also see your company logo, image and/or greeting. Price 350 €.

In Delicard Unlimited you have the option to choose from three different covers.

This is how Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender of the gift - quick and easy to order


Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal card selection.


Personalize your gift card

Add a personal greeting to the gift you have chosen.


Choose delivery method

You can choose mailing or eDelicard. Luxurious gift cards can be sent by post to one address or directly to the gift receivers.

To the receiver of the gift - choose your gift and enjoy


Choose the products you desire

Redeem your gift card from by entering the number of your gift card and selecting the products.


Choose delivery date and place

Enter the delivery date and address.


Enjoy the gift

Receive the expected package and enjoy your wonderful Delicard® gift.


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