GIft card personalization

Delicard® gift cards can be personalized with, for example, a company logo, image and/or greeting text. The personalized gift card elegantly reflects the company's brand and makes it more personal for the recipient. We offer a variety of options for personalization so that every company can thank, reward and show their appreciation in a way that suits each situation.
You can also add a greeting text to electronic eDelicard® gift cards.
You can personalize your gift card on the order page by selecting personalization of gift cards in the Customization section. Please note that the maximum amount of text varies e.g. based on layout, logo, font and font size! In the personalization phase, you'll see a preview of your card so you can check and confirm it's ready to print before finalizing your order.
Stylish personalization options for Delicard® gift cards:

1. Personalization of the gift cards with ready-made Delicard® greetings and templates.
The price is 1 € per card.
2. Personalization of the gift cards with your company logo, image and/or greeting.
The price is 1 € per card + 40 € startup fee.
The size of the personalized page of the physical gift card is 152 x 148 mm / 1713 x 1725 px

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