Quality guarantee


Products of high quality

One of our most important missions is to search the best delicacy and gift suppliers from Finland, Scandinavia and all over the world. We are extremely pedantic of our gift products' quality. Our frozen food products remain good within 48 hours, which is at maximum how long it takes to get the gift from our warehouse to the receiver. After this our products must be treated like fresh products.

Professional service

As our customer you have the privilege to get good, friendly and fast service, regardless if you are a sender or a receiver of the gift card. Feel free to contact us, our professionals are happy to help you and will find the best solutions to your needs.

Delicard® customer service (09) 7594 2848
E-mail: delicard.info-fi@edenred.com

Efficient and secure distribution channel with the collaboration of Delicard® and DHL

The high quality of our gift products requires appropriate and careful storage, handling and packaging. In collaboration with DHL we have invented an efficient and secure distribution channel, which enables that the receiver will get the products at the right time and place.

DHL collects deliverable gift packages daily from our stock and guarantees that the delivery will be in the right address anywhere in Finland within 48 hours. We can track the progress of the deliveries in real time with the DHL's service.

Quality guarantee

We monitor closely the treatment, packaging and delivery of our products. We guarantee that the storage and the delivery are faultless.

If there happens to be a mistake with the delivery, the receiver will get a new product instead. We require that the product has been treated correctly by the instructions and that the reclamation of food products is done no later than three days after the expiration date which can be seen in the package of the product. Our kitchen products have a guarantee of two years.

Shelf life

Product Shelf life unopened Shelf life after opening
Duck confit 3 days Used immediately
Duck breast 3 days Used immediately
Blinis 5 days Used immediately
Eclairons 5 days 2 days
Pickled raw- and cold smoked salmon 7 days Used immediately
Pickled raw whitefish 7 days Used immediately
Jams See package 14 days
Lobster 3 days Used immediately
Cheese See package 14 days
Chili salmon 5 days Used immediately
Roast deer 5 days Used immediately
Cold smoked pike 7 days 5 days
Marbled sirloin beef steak 7 days 2 days
Naiad smoked salmon 14 days 5 days
Roes 3 days Used immediately
Olive oils See package See package
Parmesan and basilica salt See package See package
Deer roast 5 days Used immediately
Reindeer shank 3 days 2 days
Raw sausages 3 days Used immediately
Smoked lamb roast 14 days 5 days
Serrano ham See package 5 days
Mushroom risotto See package See package
Confectionery 21 days 21 days
Cod fillet (MSC) 2 days Used immediately
Vannameie shrimps 1 day Used immediately
Veal sirloin steak 5 days Used immediately

This is how Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender of the gift - quick and easy to order


Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal card selection.


Personalize your gift card

Add a personal greeting to the gift you have chosen.


Choose delivery method

You can choose mailing or eDelicard. Luxurious gift cards can be sent by post to one address or directly to the gift receivers.

To the receiver of the gift - choose your gift and enjoy


Choose the products you desire

Redeem your gift card from www.delicard.fi by entering the number of your gift card and selecting the products.


Choose delivery date and place

Enter the delivery date and address.


Enjoy the gift

Receive the expected package and enjoy your wonderful Delicard® gift.


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