High-quality, easy and versatile corporate gift – both employees and customers appreciate the Delicard® gift cards. It is also practical from the buyers' point of view. The gift card is perfect for thanking customers and employees, for example, at the turn of the year or at the beginning of the summer holidays. Buy Delicard® gift cards as your employees and customers deserve nothing but the best.

Surprise your customers and employees with a gift card

You can be sure to buy a gift that your customers and employees like, when the recipients get to choose the product(s) of their choice from Delicard's wide and high-quality selection. With the gift card, your employees, customers and cooperation partners can choose their favorite products from carefully chosen leisure, home decoration, design and kitchen products.
The best thing about this particular gift idea is that it is so easy for the buyer, too! Buying a gift card is quick: choose the right Delicard, make a purchase with just a few clicks and you're done! If you want something extra for your corporate gift, you can also choose a personalized gift card. Delicard can be personalized with, for example, a logo print and a greeting text. In addition to the printed gift card, you can also choose an electronic eDelicard which will be sent to the recipient via e-mail.

Corporate gifts are essential for Christmas

A Christmas present is a traditional way to thank employees for a good job. Corporate gifts are also commonly given to customers and partners and the goal is usually to thank them for the past year and start off next year’s collaboration in a pleasant way. Is Christmas approaching and you don’t know what to buy as a corporate gift for staff, cooperation partners and customers? Employees, customers and partners alike are delighted to receive a Delicard® gift card with a high-quality product range. The selection includes several gift cards with different product ranges.
Delicards can also be personalized with a company logo, image or your own greeting text, for example. A personalized gift card is an easy and quick way to stand out with a corporate gift while ensuring a meaningful gift for everyone.

Combine charity and a Christmas gift

We cooperate with charities so that the recipient of the gift can also donate the full value of their gift card to charity if they so wish. Receiving a gift makes many people happy but some prefer giving a gift and making a good deed. Delicard® also makes this special feeling of joy possible at Christmas.
The freedom of choice is the most important advantage of Delicard® gift cards as corporate gifts. Whether the recipient of the gift wanted to choose a high-quality product for themselves or donate their Christmas present to charity, a Delicard® gift card guarantees lots of positive feelings!

Gift cards fit summer as well

Rewarding staff for good work is an easy and pleasant way to show appreciation. How to motivate and thank employees at the beginning of holidays? A summer gift selected from the wide product range of the Delicard® gift card is an excellent gift idea for thanking employees. At the same time, the employer gets a chance to wish their employees good holidays in the form of a memorable gift.
It is also worth remembering and thanking clients and partners from time to time. For many companies, summer holidays are an important moment to take a break from the busy work weeks and to say thank you to customers and collaboration partners. A personalized gift card with a company logo is a stylish way to show appreciation. Remembering stakeholders with carefully chosen gifts is also a great way to stand out from the competitors and ensure a continued collaboration in the future! Giving a gift at the beginning of a new partnership can also create the foundation for a good business relationship. In addition, thanking for a long customer relationship in the form of a gift card is a beautiful gesture and a way to show appreciation to clients.

What should companies take into account when buying gifts

The guidelines of the Finnish Tax Administration allow for small gifts given to the entire staff, completely tax-free. In this case, Christmas gifts and farewell gifts should be given to the whole staff, respecting an equal company gift policy.
So what is the price limit of a tax-free, small gift? According to the tax administration, the maximum value for a tax-free gift is 100 euros. The Delicard® gift cards and their versatile, high-quality product range are therefore ideal as corporate gifts for employees.
Delicard® gift cards fit all stakeholders and occasions. Thank, reward, motivate and show your appreciation to your employees, customers, and partners with a high-quality gift card.

How Delicard® gift cards work

To the sender – quick and easy to order

Choose the gift card

Choose the gift card that fits your purpose the best from our seasonal selection.

Personalize your ​card

Add a personal greeting or a company logo to the gift card.

Choose the delivery method

You can choose to send physical gift card or virtual eDelicard.

To the receiver – redeem your gift and enjoy

Choose the produ​cts you desire

Redeem your gift card by entering you voucher number and selecting the products.

Choose delivery date and ​place

Enter the desired delivery time and address, the gift will be delivered directly to you.

Enjoy your gift

Receive the awaited package and enjoy your Delicard® gift.


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