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Almost every Finnish employee, up to 97%, expects a Christmas present from their employer. So what kind of gift do employees want? More than half of the employees want an individual Christmas gift - and the majority prefer something other than goods as a gift.
- The employee wants to be noticed as an individual. The freedom to choose your own gift most certainly guarantees the individuality of the gift, Delicard® Finland brand director Laura Kuusela says.
Freedom of choice most certainly fulfills individual wishes and increases motivation
Employers often think about choosing the right gift. How do you fulfill your wishes in a reasonable amount of time, so that the gift is not seen as unnecessarily expensive, but as a high-quality and individual choice, suitable for the recipient?
- It is difficult for an employer to know the preferences of each of his employees. The task is made easier if you choose a gift that offers the freedom to choose from a selection of different gift options. Then the employee can choose a gift that suits him and motivates him, Kuusela continues.
83% of employees said that gifts increase their work motivation in a survey conducted by Edenred in October 2021.
A Christmas present chosen by the employee can also be an intangible gift
In recent years, immaterial gifts have become more and more popular. A whopping 72% of Finnish wage earners do not want things from their employer as a Christmas gift. More than 50% want an experience gift, more than 20% food or drink. Only 12% want the goods.
- The message to employers is strong and it also includes an environmental perspective. Gifts of experiences, food and drinks are a more ecological option than gifts of goods. They are also more likely to be needed than a gift of goods. A streaming service or workout program that interests you, as well as the Christmas treats you choose yourself, will certainly be used. Kuusela sums up that a candle holder or a snooze blanket received as a surprise get dusty more easily in the closet.
The Delicard® gift card also opens the door to non-material gifts and charity
The renewed range of Delicard® gift cards is tailored to meet modern, individual Christmas gift wishes and business needs. That is why we have also invested in the selection of intangible gifts, in addition to high-quality and carefully selected gifts of goods and food. The recipient of a Delicard® gift card can now also choose a streaming service, magazine subscription or membership to a training program as a gift.
One very popular immaterial gift in the Delicard® gift card service has long been giving the amount of the gift card to a charity that changes every year. Delicard® gift recipients have helped collect substantial donations in previous years for SOS-Lapsikylä and AAMU Suomen Lasten Söpäsäätiö. This year, the donation goes to WWF for the protection of the Baltic Sea. That's why the Delicard® gift card is also suitable for bringing Christmas spirit to those who already have everything - as well as to those who want to spread the good stuff.
With Delicard® gift cards, you can thank employees, partners and customers individually
Whether the gift recipient is a company employee, partner or customer, Delicardi's selection takes into account different preferences. With the renewed wide selection of immaterial gifts, it is ensured that each gift recipient gets to use the future gift.
In addition to non-material gifts, the selection includes high-quality, stylish and responsible goods gifts from interior design to kitchen utensils, Scandinavian design and accessories suitable for camping. Classic and popular gourmet delicacies are also part of Delicardi's traditional selection. The selection also includes the opportunity to redeem a Christmas tree, suitable for the season!
The employee gift is tax-free up to 100 euros
Personnel gifts are tax-free up to 100 euros. Edenred's survey reveals that the value of a gift for employees falls in the price range of 50–100 euros.
However, when purchasing Christmas gifts for staff, it is good to also take into account the regulations regarding the tax exemption of gifts. The tax administration determines in a nutshell that the same gift must be purchased with equal value for all personnel, the gift must be chosen by the employer, its selection must be limited and the value during the calendar year must not exceed 100 euros per employee. Delicard® fulfills these conditions, making it both individual and – best of all – a tax-free gift.
Delicard ® – The most individual way to say thank you
*The information in the article comes from the answers to a survey conducted by Edenred in October 2021. Edenred is Finland's leading provider of employee benefits, whose services include Delicard® gift cards. 812 Finnish wage earners responded to the survey. Among the respondents, the largest representation was from the healthcare and social sector, public administration and organizations, telecommunications, construction, installation and maintenance, and customer service. 59% of the respondents are women, 40% are men. 1% are transgender or don't want to tell their gender.

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