Rewarding increases employee commitment to the workplace

The threshold for changing jobs for employees is lower than in the past. Especially in smaller companies, fluctuations in the workforce are particularly felt in the everyday life of the company and entrepreneurs. When the teams are smaller, the weight of each expert is greater. So what can SMEs do to ensure happier and more engaged employees?

SME entrepreneurs in particular should invest in their employees in a versatile way

When working in small and medium-sized companies, greater opportunities to influence one's own work are often perceived as a positive thing. Also, the significance of one's own role in a smaller work community is often visible and felt. However, employee satisfaction is influenced by many other factors, from salary to work flexibility and employee benefits and remuneration.
For example, rewarding is, in the long run, a very affordable way for a company to show appreciation and engage employees. On the other hand, personnel shortages and rapid turnover of employees are always expensive for the company.

Personal reward is a concrete demonstration of appreciation

The benefits and remuneration tell the employee quite concretely about the appreciation he receives. When employees invests in their work, how much is the company willing to invest in the employee?
Often, however, the planned remuneration of personnel may receive less attention in the company's annual operations. The monetary contribution of the seasonal gift is relatively small compared to the overall budget – and therefore its effect may mistakenly seem like a small thing from the employer's point of view. However, the effect on the employee's feelings is often very large in reality.

According to the study, the majority of employers have found that rewards increase motivation and commitment

In a survey we conducted at Edenred, we asked employers what were the most important reasons for them to reward employees. The majority of respondents mentioned motivating employees (74%) and strengthening employee engagement (61%).
Personal reward directly affects the employee's feeling of appreciation and motivates and commits to the workplace better than mere words of thanks.

Rewarding meets a basic psychological need

Repetition is important in creating a reward culture, because it is what builds the company's culture in the longer term – whether it is a welcome gift, a seasonal gift or a token of appreciation for a long working career. In addition to that, rewarding itself is always a close part of building and maintaining motivation.
Remembering the employee creates a warmer and more human image of the company for the employees. Although the gesture is small, its effectiveness is based on a person's basic psychological need to be noticed. When making decisions on big issues in life, such as choosing a job, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of emotions.

A Delicard® gift card is an easy way to say thank you individually

Labor is the most important asset of entrepreneurs and SMEs. That's why it's good to check that the employer's own selection of tools includes concrete actions that can be used to motivate, reward and engage employees. Edenred's Delicard® gift card has been created as an easy way for employers to remember their employees.
Delicard's wide selection of high-quality and responsible products includes individual gifts from fishing tackle to Finnish design, from jewelry to camping and cooking equipment. The gift recipient can choose a gift that looks like them, which reminds them that their work is appreciated.

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