97 percent of employees expect a Christmas present from their employer

Edenred's 2021 survey on corporate gift culture will find out how employees feel about rewarding and giving gifts in the workplace. Based on the survey, it can be concluded that the gifts are perceived as motivating and binding to the company. Even 97 percent expect a Christmas present from their employer!

Almost everyone expects a Christmas present from their employer

For the employer, gifts are a way to get the staff to invest even more in their work. 83 percent of Finnish wage earners say that gifts from their employer increase their work motivation.
Gifts are often wanted as thanks for work performance and congratulations on career milestones. Among the holidays, Christmas is the golden time for giving gifts, practically everyone wants a gift from their employer then. Although small Christmases are a typical and often considered pleasant tradition in the workplace, employers may even be surprised by the overwhelming popularity of Christmas gifts as a way to lift the Christmas spirit. In a choice situation, only 38 percent would rather choose a little Christmas from the employer than a Christmas present.

Christmas gifts encourage and motivate employees

Practically everyone wants a Christmas present from their employer, as almost 97 percent of wage earners expect it. In addition, 60 percent of them would also like to choose their gifts themselves.
– Christmas gifts are clearly a chapter of their own and part of the domestic work culture; Finns expect to receive a Christmas present from their employer. The Christmas gift also quickly beats the Christmas party in popularity. You can probably conclude from this that the employers have been successful in their Christmas gift purchases. There haven't been just soft packages, says Laura Kuusela, Brand Director of Delicard® Finland.

Gifts and rewards are important for commitment

Listening to the majority of employees, it is clear that they appreciate the gifts they receive from their employers. From the company's point of view, this is also reflected positively in their work contribution.
– Finns have a Lutheran approach to business gifts, because gifts are needed first and foremost as proof of hard work and ambition. Gifts are preferred as thanks for work performance and congratulations on career milestones. With the exception of Christmas time, 53 percent of Finnish wage earners think that they would rather have surprises in the middle of everyday life than during holidays and events. The employer should therefore approach the distribution of employee gifts as a sign of appreciation, Laura Kuusela says.
– In addition to work motivation, gifts stimulate commitment. 62 percent of employees see the binding effect as the most important reason why an employer should be remembered with gifts. Every fifth person feels that the most important reason is the raising of the collective spirit, Kuusela adds.

The amount of the employer's appreciation is often seen in the monetary value of the gift

The monetary value of gifts is also essential in Finland. More than half of the employees consider the monetary value of the gift to be comparable to the appreciation they receive from their employer.
47 percent feel that a good gift costs 51–100 euros, 31 percent say 101–200 euros. From the employer's point of view, 100 euros is an essential limit, as gifts of this value can be given tax-free to each employee per year. 52 percent of employees value a personal gift the most. Only 4 percent value gifts shared with coworkers the most.

The Delicard® gift card meets individual wishes

Gifts are seen as a sign of appreciation and reasons for motivation and commitment to the workplace. Almost every single employee is waiting for a Christmas present this year as well. In the end, the realization of this wish is quite a small investment for companies, but its symbolic meaning for employees is greater than its size.
Delicard® gift cards are designed for business use and offer the gift recipient an individual choice, from Scandinavian design to high-quality kitchen utensils, Christmas treats and charity. The responsibility of the products also plays a big role in forming the selections. And what's best, each recipient chooses their own product from the selection.
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